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In 2022, the EU commercial real estate market was valued at 7.1 trillion $(European Public Real Estate Association)whereas the US commercial real estatemarket is valued at 20.7 trillion $(DeLullo). 

Within the listed real estate sector in the EU, there are currently 173 REITs with a combined market cap of USD 227 billion, against 253 Non-REITs with a combined market cap of USD 295 billion. Meanwhile in the USA, listed real estate is a 4.7 trillion $ industry(Nareit). 

According to the numbers above, listed real estate has a market share in the total commercial real estate space that is three times larger in the U.S. than its European counterpart (22.7% vs 7.4%). 

This suggests that European real estate investing still has plenty of room to grow. Also, it seems that Europeans are more open to other types of real estate investment than their American counterparts. 

This suggests that there is much demand in Europe for better, more accessible real estate investments. 

The Real estate Crowdfunding platform market is 21 billion $ in the US and 6.5 billion EUR in Europe(Politecnico di Milano et al.). Both RECFsectors have a market share of approx. 0.1% of the overall commercial real estate market. 

The Global Real estate crowdfunding market is expected to have a CAGR (compound annualized growth rate) of between 24.67%(“Real EstateCrowdfunding Market Growth and Forecast 2020-2030”)and 45.6% until 2030(Polaris Market Research).

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