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Software Architecture

For implementing our solution, we have chosen the Elrond Network blockchain, mostly due to its high performance, high scalability, high throughput, low fees, as well as for the true ownership for NFTs and tokens (NFTs and tokens lie in the account’s storage instead of smart contract’s storage). 

The investment share is represented through MetaESDT ownership. Each token nonce will represent a project, thus being able to only use one token name. 

The crowdfunding process happens at the smart contract level, through our intuitive UI. On investing, users will receive their share of the MetaESDT token nonce relative to their investment amount. 

During the crowdfunding process, the funds are locked in the smart contract. Funds can be withdrawn in two ways: 

● If the crowdfunding fails (by not reaching the funded amount before the deadline): users will have to exchange their MetaESDT token nonce to get their investment fund back - seamless operation through our UI 

● If the crowdfunding succeeds: funds will be delivered to the credited party 

Once the loan period ends and the loan is returned, users will be able to exchange their tokens from the pool of money filled by the credited part. 

The MetaESDT token can be transferred freely and traded on any secondary marketplace, although we’ll provide our own secondary marketplace so that users can trade without fear of scams or duplicate tokens.

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